Browser optimization

By logistikekspert, 4 August, 2012

Keyboard Navigation Plugin
I must admit that I have tried most browsers out there. In MS DOS we had Opera without with navigation without a mouse due to only one serial port needed for the modem, geeez. I am a big fanboy of Firefox for development reasons with a lot of cool tools like easy switching of caching, web developer, firebug etc. I only use IE when I know the home page will not work in any other browser used.

The winner is Chrome from Google. The reason for this is the very fast navigation options and page loading speeds. It is also a quite small application compared to some of the other browser. OK, well lets get to the point of this post. I really really love the plugin Keyboard navigation i recently started to use at work and now at home. This is seriously crazy business. Impress your surroundings by browsing the net like a logistical ninja. If you like fast, you will love this plugin.

Key words: Keyboard, shortcuts, tastatur, genveje.